Jessica was just a seven year old little girl when she was dropped off at an orphanage with no memory and covered in ritualistic tattoos. Add in horrifying nightmares that plague you day and night and you have a hard time dealing with life. Now almost seventeen years after her first horrible night, she believes life might finally be looking up for her. She has finally opened herself up enough to love and man and she lives with the three best friends a girl could ever hope for… Until her past catches up to her and a way no one can expect.

Antonius is a three hundred year old vampire whose fate was cast in the stars centuries before his birth. While he has struggled to fulfill the prophecy, nothing can get in his way this last and final time. But will he be able to save the girl before all of humanity is out of time?


Jessica has had one hellish life, but nothing compares to the past twenty-fours of being kidnapped and tortured by a minion of the archfiends. She begins to doubt her sanity when Antonius, a vampire, tries to convince Jessica her fate is foretold. She must become a blood savior—a vampire that fights the evil archfiends—in order to save humanity from a future worse than death.
While flying to Sicily with her comatose kidnapped friends and her mysterious rescuers, Antonius must prepare Jessica to meet the persnickety queen of all good vampires. All the while she must figure out how to tell her friends what has now become of her life and how they can never return to theirs.
Stride, book two of The Prophetic Blood Saviors Trilogy, is a seductive adventure for adult fans of dark paranormal romance.


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